New Technologies of the Digital Age

Operating in the IT sector with sustainable achievements since 1998, Despec AŞ is a strong and pioneering technology distributor. Bringing Turkey together with the innovative brands of new technologies of the digital age, Despec AŞ offers a very broad and strong product portfolio. Among the powerful brands distributed by Despec AŞ there are world technology giants such as HP, Samsung, IBM, Realme, Canon, Lexmark, Steelseries, Philips, Targus, Trust, Jabra and Hikvision. Despec AŞ has been traded in BIST since December 2010 with the code "DESPC". Despec AŞ will continue to grow and strengthen with new global brands with an aim of creating value for its investors, stakeholders, business partners, and employees.

8000+ Business Partners
30+ Employees
More than 3.500 Products
26 Years of