Our Corporate
Social Responsibility Projects

Anadolu’nun Genç Yüzü Bilişimle Aydınlanıyor

Thanks to the “Anadolu’nun Genç Yüzü Bilişimle Aydınlanıyor” project, young people who are studying informatics are offered internship opportunities at Index Grup Companies and leading IT companies in Istanbul. The main purpose of this project is to ensure the participation of students who are studying in Computer Engineering and Computer Programming departments of universities in Eastern and Southeastern Turkey.

Within the scope of this internship program our aim is for students to work during the month of July or August in the leading companies of the IT sector, in the field they get education, as well as to gain professional experience. The young people who stay in Istanbul during their internship have the opportunity to get to know the cultural values ​​of Istanbul next to a strong business life experience.

İyilik Mesafe Tanımaz

“İyilik Mesafe Tanımaz / Goodness Knows No Distance” project eliminates all distances and meets the needs such as books, stationery, clothes and toys for those in need in different parts of Turkey.

Okullar Bilgisayarla Buluşuyor

With the “Okullar Bilgisayarla Buluşuyor / Schools Meet Computers” project, the second-hand computer needs of the schools in need are satisfied in line with the demands from all over Turkey.